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General information

When is the enrollment for the course?
A new intake takes place every semester: in September and February. Enrollment for the first semester of spring 2021 ends on February 13th. The semester starts on February 12th.
What is the duration of the course?
The course is annual, it is divided into 2 semi-annual (semester) parts. Everyone can participate in the second part, but the target audience of the second part of the course are those who took the first part.
What will be the format of the lessons?
All courses are held online. We try very hard to ensure that schoolchildren and students from all regions of Russia can comfortably take our course, and we do our best to promptly answer your questions in the course chats. We believe that studying such a complex topic as neural networks is possible only in the process of regular communication, and we do our best for this.
Will there be homework?
Necessarily! There will be about 7-8 practical homework assignments in the course, and they will not be easy.
What is the cost of taking the course?
The course is free.
Will you be aware of the practical application of neural networks?
Yes! The last homework in each track is the final application project that will be useful to you in your resume.
I did not have time to apply in time, and the classes had already begun. Can I join the current iteration?
Unfortunately no. You should wait until the next semester. ​
Is there a detailed curriculum for the course?
On our youtube channel you can see playlists of the basic and advanced streams of the previous iteration of the course.
Does the course have an age limit?
No, there are no age restrictions. The main thing is that you have some skills in mathematics and programming and can learn the material.
Can I participate in the course without being a Russian citizen?
Yes, you can.
Whom should I contact if I have a question that is not in the FAQ?
You can write a question to our VKontakte group. If you are a member of a basic or advanced stream chat, you can write there.
What benefits for admission to the MIPT FPMI does the Deep Learning School course give?
Successful completion of our school provides benefits for admission to the bachelor's and master's programs of the FPMI MIPT. Successful completion of the basic or advanced stream guarantees from three to five ID points for applicants to the undergraduate program. The Certificate of Completion of the Advanced Stream provides benefits for applicants to the MIPT master's program within the framework of the FPMI competitive groups.

More about the “threshold of entry”

Here is a list of math topics that will make you feel comfortable in the advanced course of our course:
  • Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis: Derivative, Gradient
  • Optimization Methods: Gradient Descent ​
  • Linear Algebra: Matrix Calculus, Linear Spaces and Operators

On the basic stream, we will cover these topics in sufficient quantity to complete the course.
​List of programming topics that will make your life much easier:
  • Python language ​
  • Data analysis libraries: numpy, pandas, sklearn
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures  

On the base stream, we will separately study libraries for data analysis. ​

For those who choose to flow​

What is the difference between basic and advanced streams? How do I know which one is right for me?
On the advanced stream, we will immediately begin to study machine learning.

On the basic thread, we will spend time on topics such as Python libraries for working with data (numpy, pandas); educational programs on the basics of higher mathematics are also expected: linear algebra, mathematical analysis.

It is assumed that participants in the advanced stream are familiar with all of the above topics. Of course, if you, for example, are good at higher mathematics and have experience in C ++ programming (but you know Python mediocrely),  in the base stream, you might get bored. In this case, you will have the opportunity to pull up some topics in advance based on the materials of the base stream.
Is it possible to change the flow in the middle of the course?
The streams go at different rates, so you can try to learn on both. Then just choose the stream that suits you best.
I'm not good at math or programming at all. Should I sign up?
Most likely, any flow of our course will be too difficult for you.
I seem to have figured out which flow suits me. What to do next? 
Choose the one you want and register. 

​For those who are already studying

Where will the training take place?
All course activities will take place on the Stepik online platform. At the same time, it is very important to be subscribed to our news channel, since all course news will be published there. Also don't forget to join the course chats. Links to course chats are published on Stepik and are sent in a response letter after registering for a course.
Is it possible to take the course again if it was not possible to complete it before?
Oh sure.
Are course materials always available?
Lectures on youtube are always available, materials on the online platform will also remain available.
Do I need any laptop/computer system requirements to take the course?
For complex calculations, we will use the Google Colab cloud service, so the requirements for your computer are minimal.

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